Founder of Zona Hardcore. "keidan"

-A little bit about me-

I'm a kid like any other. Obviously I love hardcore and some of its variants as well as minimal, psytrance and rap.

I love to dance, I've been doing it since I was 16 and now I'm 29. I work in the kitchen, and I like it but you can't have a life... double shifts... weekends... you miss birthdays, parties and more things. That's why this project means so much because it encompasses several things that fascinate me, such as good clothes, the HC community, and sales. Working for yourself makes you put in much more desire and hours without caring.

How it all started?

The project started with wanting to make fresh, quality clothing. I wanted something different, to provide more variety and satisfy people like me, people who don't dress like a gabber or wear vintage clothes.

Mix old school with new school and revive the style of some two-mile brands and the style that accompanied me as a child.

At first there were 3 of us wanting to do the project but I was left alone and at the same time I got everything done. Now we are my partner who has his textile company (I present him below) and a boy who is a makina at drawing!

What started with a clothing idea became a community and a big family. I have met people who today are like brothers to me and that makes it even more meaningful!

Every detail matters!

All our clothes have their brand label as well as their own packaging and more things that we will not reveal ;)

Quality is our religion and details are our commandments.


There's even more... As the name itself indicates, the hardcore area is the ideal place for those of us who love this music. So I would love to do something more than a brand or a community, something bigger, more spectacular. Something that we remembered all our lives.

Ride The Hardcore Mega Rave Zone! The biggest hardcore festival in all of Spain!! And why not, of the world.

A scenario for each subgenre. Millenium or classic, early hc, terror, uptempo, newstyle, makina, hardtrance... even hardtechno and scranchz.

It will be the final goal. Bring together all the hardcoretas or hardcorianos, gabbers, masieros, makineros, bakalas... call them all what you want because it doesn't matter. We are united by the hard feeling and we will be able to enjoy it together at a disco or at a macro event never seen before.

Imagine it... It would be fucking amazing!

Part 1 - My partner

Part 2 - our priming technique

First units

First P2 units

Burning sole!

We will soon update more because we start adding people to the team and we grow!